Conway Hall Ethical Society is a progressive movement founded over two centuries ago. Today the Society is an educational charity whose aims are:

  • the study and dissemination of ethical principles based on humanism and freethought;
  • the cultivation of a rational and humane way of life;
  • the advancement of research and education in all relevant fields.

Meetings like the ones listed below have been held by the Society on a Sunday morning for over a hundred years.

(The name of the Society was changed in November 2012 from the South Place Ethical Society to Conway Hall Ethical Society.)


11.12.11 What Is Religious Belief? An Atheist’s Perspective (Tim Crane)

18.12.11 The Poet of Nature: George Santayana on Lucretius (Tim Madigan)


15.01.12 The Cult of Confidence (Nicholas Fearn)

05.02.12 Existentialism, Atheism and Humanism (Gary Cox)

19.02.12 Naturalism and the Moral Ought (Catherine Wilson)

26.02.12 Bad Science Beyond the Western World (Martin Robbins)

04.03.12 Evidence: Medicine Meets the Philosophy of Science (John Worrall)

18.03.12 Investigating the Impossible: A Sceptical Approach (Richard Wiseman)

01.04.12 Unnatural Predators: The Folklore of Fear (Deborah Hyde)

15.04.12 What Should Children Know? (John Tillson)

06.05.12 The Ethics of Reproduction on a Finite Planet (Roger Martin)

27.05.12 The Value and Values of Science (Imran Khan)

24.06.12 Enlightened Agriculture (Colin Tudge)

22.07.12 Don’t Get Fooled Again! (Richard Wilson)

29.07.12 Infinity and Immortality (Adrian Moore)

07.10.12 Free Speech! Libel Reform in the Last Chance Saloon (Mike Harris)

21.10.12 Epigenetics: The Missing Link in the Nature/Nurture Dichotomy? (Nessa Carey)

02.12.12 Preventative Medicine? Are Screening Tests about Science or Politics? (Margaret McCartney)


 10.02.13 The Need to Offend (Nick Cohen)

17.02.13 Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare: The Role of Religious Organizations (Marge Berer)

24.02.13 Oh Scientology! Church of Fear (John Sweeney)

10.03.13 Is Philosophy Relevant in a Scientific Age? (Clio Bellenis)

10.03.13 (2 p.m.) Breaking Their Will: Religious Child Maltreatment (Janet Heimlich)

17.03.13 Money, Austerity and the Financial Crisis (Ken MacIntyre)

09.06.13 One Law for All (Anne Marie Waters)

30.06.13 Spirits on the Brain: Insights from Psychology and Neuroscience (Chris French)

21.07.13 Unnatural Predators: More Folklore of Fear (Deborah Hyde)

28.07.13 What Happens When the Oil Runs Out? (Chris Rhodes)

08.10.13 Alternatives to Religion: George Jacob Holyoake (Stefan Dickers)

15.10.13 Alternatives to Religion: Charles Bradlaugh (Deborah Lavin and Bryan Niblett)

22.10.13 Alternatives to Religion: John Stuart Mill (Greg Claeys)

29.10.13 Alternatives to Religion: Mrs Harriet Law (Laura Schwartz)

03.11.13 Maths on Trial: How Numbers Get Used and Abused in the Courtroom (Coralie Colmez)

03.11.13 Alternatives to Religion: Mrs Annie Besant (Louise Raw and Marie Terrier)

10.11.13 Science and the Rise of Atheism (Russell Blackford)

17.11.13 The Skeptical Bobby (Stevyn Colgan)

24.11.13 Do You Really Know How You Feel? (Richard Firth-Godbehere)

08.12.13 The Invention of Jesus (Peter Cresswell)

15.12.13 A Secular Society? (Keith Porteous Wood)


12.01.14 When Prophecy Fails… Again! (David V. Barrett)

16.02.14 Kant and Objective Morality (Ralph Walker)

06.04.14 The Ethics of Neuromarketing (David Lewis)

13.04.14 Cracked: Why Psychiatry Is Doing More Harm Than Good (James Davies)

27.04.14 Dead Sea Scrolls: Contours of Belief (Philip Davies)

06.07.14 A Gathering for (Martin) Gardner: Rationalist Supreme (Colm Mulcahy)

13.07.14 Why I Am Not A Believer (Elliot George)

20.07.14 The Campaign to Eradicate Female Genital Mutilation in the UK: Moral Progress or Moral Hypocrisy? (Brian D. Earp)

01.12.14 I Think You’ll Find It’s a Bit More Complicated Than That! (Ben Goldacre)


11.01.15 Bring Back Capital Punishment? (Evan Parker and Barbara Smoker)

22.01.15 A Scientist, an Atheist Biblical Scholar and a Vicar Walk into an Ethical Society… (Giles Fraser, Adam Rutherford and Francesca Stavrakopoulou)

01.02.15 The Ethical and Economic Case for Socialism (Jerry Jones)

28.06.15 Divided Britain – The Impact of Rising Inequality (Stewart Lansley)

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