The London School of Economics and Political Science


05.10.11 Deceit and Self Deception: Fooling Yourself the Better to Fool Others (Robert Trivers)

10.11.11 The Darwin Economy: Liberty, Competition, and the Common Good (Robert H. Frank)

15.11.11 Daniel Kahneman in conversation with Richard Layard

28.11.11 Herd Behaviour and Keeping Up with the Joneses (Andrew Oswald)


19.01.12 Paper Promises: Money, Debt and the New World Order (Philip Coggan)

14.02.12 Neuroscience, Responsibility and the Law (Roger Brownsword, Neil Levy, Sir Michael Rutter)

22.03.12 Language, Culture, and Being Human (Daniel Everett)

23.04.12 Luck: What It Means and Why It Matters — In Sport and Life (Ed Smith)

03.05.12 Finance and the Good Society (Robert Shiller)

14.06.12 “Enough”: Policies for a Sustainable Economy (Diane Coyle)

24.09.12 A Universe from Nothing (Lawrence M. Krauss)

15.10.12 Adapt: Problem Solving in a Complex World (Tim Harford)


07.02.13 Design in Nature (Sarah Coakley, John Cottingham and John Worrall)

28.02.13 Rethinking Risk: When Biology Meets Finance (John Coates, Dylan Evans and Paul Ormerod)

11.04.13 The Art of Thinking Clearly: Better Thinking, Better Decisions (Rolf Dobelli)

29.04.13 The Signal and the Noise: The Art and Science of Prediction (Nate Silver)

24.10.13 Thinking and Feeling About Risk: Can They Be Separated? (David Spiegelhalter)


20.01.14 The Ethics of the Cognitive Sciences: What Can the Brain Tell Us about the Mind? (Ray Dolan, Peter Hacker and Nikolas Rose)

21.05.14 Risk Savvy: How to Make Good Decisions (Gerd Gigerenzer)

12.06.14 The Evolution of Culture in Monkeys, Apes and Humans (Andrew Whitten and Jonathan Birch)

07.10.14 The Limits of Science (Bryan W. Roberts)


29.01.15 Materiality and Computer Art (Margaret Boden)

02.02.15 On Truth (Simon Blackburn and Pascal Engel)

05.03.15 Touching and Feeling (David J. Linden)

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