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05.05.11 Pleasure and Pain (Morten Kringlebach and Irene Tracey)

19.04.11 Zero Degrees of Empathy: A New Theory of Human Cruelty (Simon Baron-Cohen)

07.07.11 Aping Mankind: Neuromania, Darwinitis and the Misrepresentation of Mankind (Raymond Tallis)

02.11.11 The Better Angels of Our Nature (Steven Pinker)


07.03.12 Consciousness: The Hard Problem? (Chris Frith, Anil Seth and Barry Smith)

30.03.12 The Social Brain in Adolescence (Sarah-Jayne Blakemore)

10.04.12 The Righteous Mind (Jonathan Haidt)

27.04.12 Probability Does Not Exist — Probably (David Spiegelhalter)

29.06.12 The Pointless Universe (Michael Green)

11.07.12 Imagining the Past, Remembering the Future (Charles Fernyhough)

25.09.12 Paradox: The Nine Greatest Enigmas in Science (Jim Al-Khalili)

26.09.12 The Geek Manifesto (Mark Henderson)

16.10.12 The Spark of Life (Frances Ashcroft)

26.10.12 Imagination: The Door to Identity (Nicky Clayton and Clive Wilkins)

06.11.12 The Science of Fear (Annemieke Apergis-Schoute, Lorraine Bowen, Annette Bruehl and Dallas Campbell)


31.01.13 The Universe Within (Neil Shubin)

05.02.13 The Joy of Sects: Rewriting the Bible as a Scientific Textbook (Steve Jones)

12.02.13 Science and the Dark Art of Persuasion (Marcus Brigstocke, Helen Czerski, Bruce Hood, Felicity Mellor and Barry Smith)

13.03.13 Project Sunshine: How Science Can Use the Sun to Fuel and Feed the World (Steve McKevitt and Tony Ryan)

16.04.13 Creation: The Origins and Future of Life (Adam Rutherford)

19.09.13 An Appetite for Wonder: The Making of a Scientist (Richard Dawkins)

01.10.13 The World Until Yesterday (Jared Diamond)

02.10.13 Mind Games: The Science of Sexism (Deborah Cameron, Claudia Hammond, Sophie Scott and Lynne Segal)


06.05.14 Human Evolution: An Introduction (Robin Dunbar)

27.05.14 Smashing Physics (Jon Butterworth)

10.06.14 Unsimple Truths: How Biological Complexity Changes Our View of Nature (Sandra D. Mitchell)

17.06.14 Life As We Know It (Karl Friston)

08.07.14 The Domesticated Brain (Bruce Hood)

09.09.14 Patient 39: Memory, Consciousness and Our Sense of Self (Andrew Lees, Anil Seth and Jon Simons)

13.11.14 Arrival of the Fittest (Andreas Wagner)


25.03.15 Convergence: Information, Evolution and Intelligent Design (Daniel Dennett)

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