Skeptics in the Pub


18.02.13 Beware the Vaccine! A Brief History of Anti-Vaccinationism (Camden: Rob Brotherton at The Monarch)

01.05.13 From Tiny Acorns: Inspiring the UK Skeptical Movement (Greenwich: Wendy Grossman, Chris French and Deborah Hyde at The Star and Garter)

07.08.13 Weird Science: An Introduction to Anomalistic Psychology (Greenwich: Chris French at The Star and Garter)

02.09.13 How America Saved the English Language (Ealing: Lynne Murphy at The Rose and Crown)


02.06.14 Why So Many Ways Of Doing It? (Camden: Judith Mank at The Monarch)

04.06.14 Devil in the Room: Sleep Paralysis and the Paranormal (Greenwich: Dan Denis, Carla MacKinnon and Brian Sharpless at The Star and Garter)

01.09.14 From Deadly Spiders to Alien Mummies (Camden: Paolo Viscardi at The Monarch)


02.03.15 Freeloaders on the Land (Camden: Christopher Snowdon at The Monarch)

01.04.15 Inside Britain’s Creationist Schools (Greenwich: Jonny Scaramanga at The Star and Garter)

06.05.15 How UFOs Conquered the World: The History of a Modern Myth (Greenwich: David Clarke at The Star and Garter)

01.06.15 Who Is the More Sociable Sex? (Camden: Henry Markovits at The Monarch)

03.06.15 Satanic Abuse, Multiple Personalities, False Memories and Weird Beliefs: Anatomy of a 25-Year Investigation (Greenwich: Chris French and Rosie Waterhouse at The Star and Garter)

01.07.15 Cartoons and Offence (Greenwich: Martin Rowson at The Star and Garter)

06.07.15 Use Your Imagination: Why Children Are Great Pretenders, Poor Problem Solvers, and Sometimes Less Clever than Crows (Camden: Sarah Beck at The Monarch)

05.08.15 Beyond a Joke? Why Studying Comedy Is Important to Higher Education (Greenwich: Tim Miles at The Star and Garter)

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